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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taiwan's Blogs on Bikes

Although I am taking the weekend off from any big rides, I am already doing the the mental preparations for my next ride. I am also putting together a growing list of longer pieces for this space, and compiling my next iTunes playlist for cycling (suggestions would be welcome).

In the mean time here are a few items from the blogs on cycling.

Michael Cannon blogs on his Rift Valley ride and here.

Biking in Taiwan on Alishan.

Cycling Satin Cessna on Cycling Tribes.

Taiwan Racing on the Fengshan Trails.


  1. Looks like being a good weekend for cycling though Andrew!! For your playlist I think The Funky Lowlives-"Nevermore" could be good. It'll get you up any hill :-)

  2. I know. My sister-in-law is getting married this weekend, so I will be out entertaining. I hope the weather holds through next weekend. I am hoping for overcast and a steady wind at by back. Thanks for the music suggestion. I'll check that out.

  3. Nice to see you linking to your fellow cycling blogger community. Sweet, and thanks for pointing them out to me.

    So many good tunes I could recommend....what type of music gets you going? How about Hey Soul Sister by Train, or Fly One Time by Ben Harper? Michael Franti has some great tunes as well.

  4. I am still just finding my footing with blogging, but I really like the community aspect of both cycling and blogging.

    Daryl, you've got a great site too. I hope I can send you some traffic.


    [I really dig on anything that has a certain.... ummm... a certain....


    Yes! A certain idiom. ]

    I'll go check those out. I have 260km to ride and I am getting a little bored of what I've already got.

    The music Sabinna suggested was quite catchy.