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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1st Night Ride To Caotun: 48Km

These stats above that look like a richter scale are from my first night ride out to Caotun 草屯and back on the Highway 14 on the Changhua 彰化 side of the river, through Fen Yuan 芬園.

It wasn't so bad... but could have been better. I think I rode a little on the conservative side as it was a solo ride during peak traffic at night on a route I have done... maybe once before. I think it took way too long for my legs to warm up, but the added nutrition from insects flying into my mouth provided a little energy boost half-way through. I need to get a little bit faster on this route and I hope that will happen as I get more familiar with it. It was a great way to get a few more kilometers into my week. And yes, I still use Standard measurements.


  1. What computer do you use? I have been thinking about purchasing Garmin 705... Any input on that?

  2. The Garmin 705 is my next computer. Right now I am on the cheap using a simple Nokia program for my smart phone. My friend uses the Garmin 505 and it works really well. You can download into several programs and websites to analyze your ride. The 705 is really top-notch. It has the capability to sync with Power Meters as well as monitor VO2 Max etc...

    I hope to get a Garmin this year.

  3. Darn it! Another good input on Garmin 705. It looks like money will be spent sometime soon on yet, another piece of cycling equipment. My friend told me that the ones he got in Taiwan does not have English as a language option, is it true? The weight is also my other concern...

  4. I have only seen English. It may be worth buying on the internet for English Language functionality. I'm sure they have programs to download. I have heard nothing about problems with the weight. 104g. That is like 20% of a full water bottle. You're better off dropping that weight with the three R's: road, restroom and refrigerator.