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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ride Like A King Day

One final piece of Giant News to report:

No, the title of this post does not suggest riding an early 1990's Cannondale aluminum framed bike over potholed roads for 8 hours until you feel like you've been beaten by a half-dozen of L.A.'s finest. No, no...

May 7th will be the second annual "Ride Like A King Day", in honor of Giant founder and Taiwanese cycling spiritual leader King Liu. According to Bicycle Retailer Magazine, King Liu is still riding strong at a spry 76 years of age. If he is not too old to clip in and hit the road, nobody has an excuse. Three years ago Liu covered the 927km around Taiwan to help promote cycling in Taiwan. I absolutely hate hearing the "age" excuse for cycling. Nothing can make a person feel like a kid again than riding a bike.

Speaking of age:
Joe Freil has a great piece on age and diet.


  1. Last night I saw an old guy dressed in Giant livery ride past out in Taichung County. I think it was the king himself!

  2. It could very well be. I have heard of some cycling clubs with members in their 80's completing century rides. With age the speed may drop a bit, but the stamina stays. It is when a person mentally and physically "retires" that they start to fall apart.