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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Police Sponsor Tour of Changhua County

The Changhua Police Brieau (No... not the toadies for organized crime that run from shootings at gambling dens...) are sponsoring a county-wide bicycle event in which participants are issued a cycling passport and collect stamps at 99 police stations in Changhua County. link

"Police officers are taking part in the event to help promote awareness of fraud, drug abuse prevention and teenager protection, with 77 police stations included in the itinerary.


Cho said he hopes the event will help improve family relations and strengthen ties between the community and the police."

I am always impressed by the narrow focus bicycle events seem to represent in Taiwan. This is still a great activity and I hope they get lots of people to participate. It shows initiative and creativity. I think a lot of Taiwanese cyclists would be up for something like this.

I would like to reiterate that if the police really wanted to help cyclists, they could stop and ticket every jerk-off they see driving like an asshole.

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