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Sunday, July 11, 2010

News Around The Hub

*Cycling is healthier than pollution and accidents... or at least that's what a new study reveals: here

*Tour de France Stage 6: Barredo beats Costa... with a wheel. here

*INRI--Floyd Landis: "Mr. Landis, you're not worth any further word or attention except perhaps from psychiatrists." here

*Ensuring a hard day in the saddle every day: Erectile Dysfunction and Cycling. here. What the article doesn't say is that a proper fitting saddle will not give you trouble. If you are feeling numb or pain in the nether-regions then it is time for an adjustment. You should balance the entire weight of your body between the handlebars and the two sit-bones on your pelvis and not on your junk. Someone needs to do an article on the opposite situation while on the bike in full kit.

*Proper Footwear: It may be hard to believe, but selecting a good set of shoes can be the difference between three weeks in the saddle and three weeks hearing about everybody else in the saddle. A little guide to shoes: here

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