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Friday, September 17, 2010

Taiwan Government Gives NT70,000 to Youth Cyclists

National Youth Council (NYC) of the Executive Yuan has just wrapped up its annual "Ride For Dreams"program to promote cycling, tourism and environmentalism among Taiwan's youth. As a part of the program, the government offered subsidies of NT70,000 to each team. The top three completed project are selected and awarded an additional NT10,000.

For this program applicants must submit a proposal detailing their route and purpose to the NYC for review before the top candidates are chosen for the second stage of the selection process; an oral presentation to a panel of NYC representatives. The panel will select the ten best proposals based on: theme, creativity, challenge, outreach and its focus on local cultures. The proposal must specify the preparations, labor division, timetable, budget, recording technology and estimated effectiveness of the trip.

In exchange, a final report will be submitted to the NYC, where they will hold a screening of the productions.

It appears the goal is for riders to record video of their adventures for use in government promotional material.

The catch: Riders must be between 18-30 years of age to qualify and lose control over their material once it is submitted to the NYC.

All proposals must be submitted between April 26 and Aug 31. Applicants who submit their proposals before July 31 will be eligible to win a T-shirt in a drawing (whoo hoo... right!?).

If you want to ride your bike on the taxpayer's dime, start putting your proposal together early.


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