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Monday, October 25, 2010

2010 SSCXWC and Cyclocross in Seattle

My cousin Ryan after the race

I spent the last full day of my trip to Seattle with family. I took my brother to a cyclocross race to watch my cousin compete in the Cat 3 race before the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Kent, Washington.


The weather had been rainy, but cleared up just in time for racing to start.

Junior Racing

The first to race were the kids. I love seeing kids out there racing around on drop bars. Some kids has some pretty expensive rigs.

A competitor with her LaCruz

Most of the competitors were men, but several women were in the field. The women race at the same time the men do, but their placing is calculated separately.

Naughty Nurse

Lots of costumes on display.

"And they're off!"

Rich races Single Speed

Ryan slogs through the muck

Over the bumps

In decline

Slicing though the puddle

A Climbing Bike

Mud Flats

Ryan digs into a turn

What's the over under?

Dressed to kill

When will we get this in Taiwan?