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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Recovery Ride

Sunday morning we just took it easy. After a long Saturday on the saddle a more relaxing ride was in order. My wife and I decided to take a loop around Taichung.

We started out with a short ride to The Early Bird Diner on Chungming South Road. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to be asked to stay in Taichung for breakfast, The Early Bird is a great place to go. Pancakes, syrup, French toast, Denver omelettes, coffee.... mmmmm! We fueled up and then headed up to Tunghai University along the Industrial Road #1 from Wu Chuan West Rd.

The Industrial Road makes a nice climb with some sections to rest the legs a little before resuming the ascent. It then sneaks into the back of the Tunghai Market.

We crossed Taichung Harbor Rd. and climbed through International Street/Art Street and over to the Metropolitan Park.

The views were hazy, but nice from the top of the hill.

We then came back through Daya and stopped off to see Rocky at Mosaic LBS. Nice ride!

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