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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Road In The Air: Taiwan's "Other" Bike Movie

The hit bicycle movie, Island Etude may have served as the spark which ignited the bicycle trend that took Taiwan by storm between 2007-2009, but there was another bicycle movie that hit DVD racks about the same time. The Road in the Air was an aspiring Merchant Ivory film that never had a red carpet opening beyond the front door of the local Blockbuster, and deservedly so. Still, it is worth checking out if only for the satisfaction of seeing places you've biked depicted on film.


  1. Burning fire.
    Flying over bars.
    Gril problems?
    That is what I got from this one.

  2. I actually saw this one in the cinema. You can find a review on my blog. The director sometimes makes appearances at various environmental & cycling related events.

  3. I wholly agree with your review. I'm glad the director is socially involved. With movies there are lots of things that can take a great idea and make it a stinker. Producers, budget, editing... lots. I still always love seeing Taiwan on film.

  4. dear David, I didn't know that you've participated in "單車上路大遊行" 2007-04-22 until I saw a documentary film about "千里步道". My students and I arrived there later than you all,and we saw this movie(The Road In The Air) together with the director and Matthew Carl Lien.真是奇妙的緣份