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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

News For A Coffee Stop AND Cancer Riders Prologue

The group of cancer fighters from the UK have safely finished their tour of Taiwan and are now safely in front of a fire someplace enjoying the lovely Fall weather.

You can see some pictures from their adventure HERE.

They also have a full write up of their daily travel schedule, which may be very useful to people who are not regular cyclists, but would like to consider the adventure of biking around Taiwan.

An excerpt:

We knew at this point we had the toughest part of the day coming up. We had psyched ourselves up for this ALL week – it was now time for the killer hill! We had to cross the mountains and head into the valley on the other side. The hill we had to tackle was a constant incline for 7km!

We set off from out break point and headed onto the mountain road and the hill began. The temperature was now hotting up and the whole way up the hill we were in the scorching sun! The hill really did seem to go on forever but it was worthwhile as the views as we got higher and higher were amazing. As we were cycling we kept looking up and seeing the road spiralling up and up in the distance at times we really thought we would not be able to make it!

We finally made it to the top after a great deal of hard work! It was such an amazing feeling reaching the top and being welcomed by those members of the team who had arrived before us!

You can check out the whole report HERE.

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