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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News in Brief: Contador Stripped of TdF Title BANNED

Velonews is reporting that the Spanish rider. Alberto Contador, has been banned for one year and stripped of his Tour de France title following an investigation into the rider's positive samples for doping agents.

Contador has dismissed the doping accusations, blaming the test results on "tainted beef".

This makes Andy Schleck, now of Team-Leopard, the official victor of the 2010 Tour de France after Contador took the lead when a chain malfunction forced Schleck out of contention for the GC.

Regardless, a win by default has got to feel like no win at all.


  1. That was just the Spanish Cycling Federation recommendation on the case. The UCI is still set to make its decision, but will probably ban him for longer. The case still seems incredibly strange to me. It was such a tiny amount and is a easy drug to detect that I am still not sure he actually doped (in this instance).

  2. The UCI is a mandatory 2 year isn't it? I feel bad for Schleck. I know he would like a rematch this year and he'll have to wait. As a competitor, the only way to purge his "stomach of anger" is to face Contador again and either win... or lose fair and square. This has to hurt.

    They also detected "plastic" in his blood that is often found in blood bags.

    Who knows what happened, but these guys know they have to be careful with everything. Imagine the potential for sabotage.