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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biking In Green Gold: Riding For Taiwan Tea

"Hey, I know that guy! "-- Jeff Spicoli

My good friend Jeannie from Miro Tea in Seattle has just posted a little expose on biking through Taiwan's tea country. I guess to engage in a little act of shameless self promotion, I must point out that the article focuses on my work with Jeannie in sourcing premium teas from Taiwan for her Seattle tea business.

I have been interested in tea for... geez... well over 15 years... and have never stopped learning more about it. Well before Miro Tea was conceived I was busy sampling Taiwan's teas and developing relationships with tea farmers, buying tea mainly for personal consumption. Now Jeannie has access to the world's best teas. For me it is a way to do something I enjoy in biking, finding great teas, and supporting Taiwan.

Through cycling I have been able to really get out and enjoy many of these out of the way places where tea is grown. These areas are some of the most exciting and awesome a person could ever ride. Alishan, Lishan, Lugu, Pinglin, San Hsia... they are all great places to ride.

Next in our series on Taiwanese winter oolongs at Miro Tea, we are going to introduce you to the man behind the teas, my good friend Drew. It is Drew who helps me locate the best oolongs of each season and makes sure we are always well-stocked with the highest quality Taiwanese oolongs that are most representative of each category. I met Drew on my first day in college and to this day, he's the friend who doesn't let me live down certain events in my life that he had the fortune/misfortune to witness. We should all be so lucky to have such a good friend. Since our college days, Drew left Seattle for warmer climates and settled down in Taiwan with his lovely wife Joyce, where they've established an envious life of teaching, exploring, and writing, as well as lots and lots of biking across the Taiwanese countryside.

I really appreciate our working relationship and our friendship over these years. It is always a pleasure to find an excuse to bike 100 miles to find some tea for a good friend.

If you are ever in Seattle, or know someone in Seattle, be sure you check out Miro Tea for their excellent supply of Taiwan teas.

Thanks Jeannie!!

5405 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Wa 98107

206 782 6832


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