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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cycling Never Gets Old: Circling Taiwan At 84!

In keeping with the theme of the post below, the Taipei Times is reporting on Kuo Chang-rong, the 84 year-old cyclist who just completed his bike tour around Taiwan. The weeklong trip covered 1150km and took Kuo and his group through periods of both heat and inclement weather, but these old dogs were undeterred.

It's not the bike that'll kill you... it's the couch.

The Taipei Times reports:

Kuo said that riding a bicycle around Taiwan is the epitome of life itself, and that even though one may feel the joy of laughter at times, it is also full of challenges. If one shrinks back when encountering difficulties and gives up halfway, one must come up with a solution and march forward courageously in order to reach one’s final destination.

“Going around Taiwan on a bicycle isn’t reserved for young people only,” said the old man. He stressed that if seniors stay fit and prepare thoroughly in advance, they could also ride around the island. Already 84 years old, he has achieved something that seems almost inconceivable to other people, and proven that even the elderly can do the same things young people do.
This is how I intend to grow old... kicking and screaming.

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