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Monday, May 9, 2011

It Is Definitely Not About The Bike... But Sometimes It Might Be A Good Idea To Consider

Old man rides his Dick in the market

Another recent story that has been making the rounds through the Chinese language media about geriatric cycling in Taiwan, is the curious tale of Li Rong-yu, a trim athlete in his mid-fifties, who has found triathlon success despite his unusual handicap.

In the sea of molded carbon fiber racing bikes, Mr. Li insists on riding his trusty old steel framed utility bike... complete with rusty vegetable basket.

Mr. Li, from Taichung, who has been a regular long distance runner, decided to try his hand at triathlons and rescued the old bike from the trash heap to use during the bicycle leg of the competition.

Despite some ridicule and other riders questioning the legality (and safety) of his equipment, Mr. Li successfully competed in the 113km Taidong Triathlon, in which he placed 4th in the Master's Over 55 age group with an official time of 6:46:58.

In watching some of the news reports featuring Mr. Li, I don't think I would recommend doing the same... despite what I have seen from Mr. Li and Ryan B.

Mr. Li is quoted as saying, "One's ability is not reliant on the tool".

I still think Mr. Li should invest in a bike that fits properly to avoid the elevated risk of injury from a poor fit and low seat.

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  1. Fourth from a clunker? Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but with that kind of results, I suspect he'll be on the podium if he had just a moderately good performance bike.