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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Bikes, New Rides and New Links

Around Taiwan:
  • Cycling Satin Cesena covers the Lu Chang challenge; a 50km scramble up some pretty steep terrain.
  • T-mosaic is now ready to sell their own brand of steel bicycle. See the new header on their blog and stop by to meet the TYA.
  • Michael C. in Kaohsiung has taken receipt of his new Speedone RT30 steel road bike, which he purchased from Famous Bikes in Taichung. The full Reynolds 853 frame with clear coat comes with a SRAM Force build and Amante wheels. I took it around the block and the bike is stiff, crisp and agile. He should be very happy with his choice for a long time.
Other News:


  1. Most of the women I personally know want to ride for fitness, fun and just get around locally or somewhere visiting a place as a tourist.

    I hang out at a women centred cycling forum where a large portion the posting, regular members have more than 1 bike...just like the male cyclists. :) I have 4 bikes, 1 of them a Dahon folding bike.

  2. I agree. That is my experience as well. I am really disappointed in Giant for taking such a strategy. I am aware that they are aware of my criticism, but maintain that their marketing strategy is not demeaning.