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Monday, June 27, 2011

Taichung Bike Routes: Central Taiwan's Best Officially Designated Bike Routes

Joyce Enjoys Weekend Riding On The Hou-Feng Trail

Here are a few of the most popular bike trails and routes around Taichung City. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Taichung City Bike Routes

Bike route 1071499 - powered by Bikemap

Hou-Feng Trail

Bike route 1071568 - powered by Bikemap

Nantun River Route

Bike route 1071598 - powered by Bikemap

Taichung Industrial District Route

Bike route 1071611 - powered by Bikemap

Hou Zhuang Rail Road Route

Bike route 1071649 - powered by Bikemap

Ya-Tan Trail



  1. WTF? Of the lot above, the Hou-Feng Trail has some legs and has the best scenery of a pityful selection. Is this the best they could do? What about a loup out to Wurih and around dadu shan and back or even over it on the back roads?. Who the hell wants to ride in the city? I guess they've designed them so riders won't face too many hills and will always be near a 7-11 or other shop to do the important thing and eat and drink ...???

  2. There are a couple out near the port I might add, but these are the ones closest to the urban centers of Taichung. Cohesive? No! Integrated? Non! Purposeful? Marginally?

    I'll be trying my luck on the roads.

  3. Taichung City has done a horrible job on bike trails/lanes. There is the one along the Han River, but on a road bike, it is bumpy as heck, leaves the teeth chattering, and has pedestrians. And don't even get me started about Taiping Road and Buzi Road.

  4. The city does not do a great job posting routes or use relative scale.

  5. I'm just amazed that any official bike routes exist at all. Fair enough I've only been here a few months but the only bike lane I've seen is on the bridge over the Fahzi river on Fuke Road and it's mostly used by cars parking for no particular reason. Would love to find some actual decent routes as I'm halving my cycle commuting days thanks to a new scooter and need to pick up the slack at weekends :)

  6. Andrew -- Are you familiar with the NeverStop series? Do you know anyone interested in doing the West Coast 200km on Sept. 24? Apparently, it will become a 300km/500km event next year. Thanks...