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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wheels Of Knowledge: Kaohsiung College Offers Credit For Biking

The National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology (NKFUST) Dept. of Liberal Arts and Humanities is offering a course entitled, Bicycle Theory and Practice, with the aim of teaching social awareness and cultural understanding, while teaching a practical set of skills.



  1. "make up a route around Hsaio Liu Chiu" -- how hard can that be?

  2. For the directionally impaired Taiwanese?... You'd be surprised.

    At a gas station in Tuku:

    Me: So is the Highway 19 to the left? (Highway 19 being a major arterial near Tuku)

    Gas Station Attendant: Ummm... (running looking for a map)... I don't know.

    Me: Is this North (pointing presumed North)?

    GA: Ummm... I don't know.

    Me: If I wanted to go to Chiayi, which road should I take?

    GA: I don't know.

    I then went to a 7-11 and had a similar conversation. I ended up riding to Huwei. The Highway 19 was just a few km to the west.