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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Taichung Bike Shops: Cheapies, Creepies and Fixie Dust

1. OZO Design Co., Ltd
Manager: A-Min Huang
Address: No.83 WuQuan 3rd St., West Dist.
Taichung City 40348, Taiwan
Tel: 886-4-2375-8416
Cell: 0986-578-544

If you're looking for a fixed gear or single speed bicycle... or even if you're not, I would encourage you to go down to OZO and check it out.

I have been by numerous times on a short-cut I sometimes take through the community just south of the Taichung Art Museum, but I have never been inside. It had always looked interesting and so I had a little time and stopped for a look.

Was I ever blown away. It almost made me wish I was on the market for a stylish single speed or fixie.

The manager, A-min, was the most natural and congenial guy. He welcomed me in and with no hesitation started talking to me like a person. We mixed it up in Taiwanese and Mandarin, with a little Atayal as A-min is an indigenous Atayal speaker from Hoping. I have to confess, I am totally turned off when I go into a shop and the service people are too nervous or unsure to really be helpful, so I really welcomed A-min's attitude.

The bikes are all specially ordered and built up individually. One little flourish I though was cool was the up-side-down Taiwan logo for the head badge. It was local, unique, local, and by turning Taiwan around, it removes the country from its usual geographic context and helps "reimagine" Taiwan.

The bikes are artfully designed and well thought out. This is what fixies can really be about.

2. Cheng Yi Xing Bike Shop
Manager: Mr. Lai
Address: No. 109 Wu Chuan West Rd. 1st St.
Taichung, Taiwan
Tel: 04-2372-2879

I really wish I had not had to use my phone camera as the picture isn't very clear.

This shop is for the cheapie, the beater, the utility rider, the vegetable market special. There are no "group sets" and no Italian names. This is the place you go to get the basket tightened. If you are looking for a cheap bike, check this out. Mr. Lai seemed very busy with neighborhood business and his shop does quite well. Nothing fancy, but there is a market for that. Awesomeness on the local factor.

3. Xingfu Bike Shop (Mercedes Bike Shop)
Address: No. 1211 Wenxin South Rd.
Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: 04-2406-9957

I pass this shop every Wednesday evening when I do my night rides, but I am always in the heat of battle and have never really had the chance to stop in. The shop is way nown Wenxin Rd. near the OK Convenience Store where the Wednesday morning rides start. The shop looks interesting and has plenty of bike parking, so I was excited to go in.

Unfortunately, the guy working there was not very interested in telling me about the shop. They sell Fuji, Swiss, Hummer, and a few other brands with lots of wheels for mini-velos and folding bikes. When I asked what made the shop special, the guy said, "Nothing. It is just a typical bike shop." Sold!

I guess you could stop by here if you are in the area and need a tube or a quick repair. Maybe. Too bad, It looks so much better from the outside.



  1. Although most areas have several bicycle stores, they aren't on every street corner. In fact, depending on where you live, there may be only a few in your area. Even so, you should visit each shop to get a feel for which store is right for you

  2. I love seeing these photos of where bikes are made in Taiwan. The fixie bikes seen being made here are cool. Fixie dust, right!