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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Made In Taiwan Pedals The Cross Island Highway: Ride Report

Jonathan B. writes a wonderful ride report on his trip across Taiwan by bike.

Here's a little excerpt below: You can read the entire report HERE.
The opening climb dispatched (and insults swatted away), we again reached Renai and the start of the climb proper. Keeping a decent cadence, we passed increasingly unlikely hotels and resorts, themed to resemble Swiss chalets, German villages, and imagined English mountain-top castles. The GPS chirping less frequently than I would have liked, we slowly winched our way up the hill, stopping at the 7-11s that we passed to keep the fluids topped up and energy maintained. There were plenty of other cyclists on the road – many that we bumped into multiple times on the climb – but we were humbled when we chatted to two guys on folding bikes (sporting speakers and huge luggage panniers) that said they woke at 2am to ride up from Taichung to the peak in one day. Respect.

Check Michael Turton's report from his soggy weekend of riding in Kenting.

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