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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Straight Story On Bent Forks

A few days ago I gave a little link to Dave Moulton's Bike Blog in relation to that crazy fork I spotted on that custom bike in Taichung.

Dave does a great job explaining what happened.

Check out the whole post on Dave's blog HERE.

Dave says...

Over the years I straightened many steel forks like this one, with complete safety and often not even damaging the paint. When you consider that a fork blade starts out as a straight tube; it is then rolled in a machine between rollers to make it tapered. This process is done cold.

The top end is pressed to an oval shape; this is also done cold. Finally the framebuilder cold bends the fork blade to the desired curve. So if the fork blade is bent once more in an accident, it can be re-straightened cold with complete safety as long as the tube is not kinked or rippled.

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