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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Kit Goes Bike Shopping

Uncle Rocky thinks about bullets dodged

This Lunar New Year our little baby Kit decided she needed to go bike shopping. I sent her to visit Rocky at T-Mosaic with the instructions that she could have anything in the store... as long as it was a size 52cm frame.

Xiao Lan swoops in to rescue Kit

The choices were enough to bring Kit to tears

Ferrari's are fast, but maybe too tall

Hmmm... It matches my blanket...

I'll have to consider

Titanium like Dad's

Oh, the zing of classic steel!

The New TYA!

The indignity of it all! Enough with the pink.

A little sugar boost to get me home

Dad says to wait

Building The Cycling Community


  1. Kit is getting her bike life lesson exposures early. Great photos! Treasure those moments and congratulations.

    We will have her in a babymobile trailer as soon as she has strong neck, head and can sit up by herself.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog