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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinkbike Gives Taichung Singletrack The Hollywood Treatment: Incredible Video

For all you mountain bikers out there.... Here is a spectacular video of what Taiwan has to offer.

This is what those bikes are made for, and not just for negotiating loose bricks on the bike path. I would love to get my CX bike out there.

Taiwan is a place of diversity and extremes: from busy factories to dense jungle, from white sand beaches to snow-capped peaks, from deep marble gorges to bustling city; Taiwan has it all. I had an image of what to expect when I first made the trip to Taiwan 2 years ago. My mind conjured up images of concrete sprawl, skyscrapers, and smog-spewing chimneys littering the skyline. The oft-seen label "Made in Taiwan" is testament enough to the sheer scale of industry. However, I was about to see another side of Taiwan altogether.

With a huge part of the mountain bike industry based in Taiwan, long time freerider, Richie Schley made the pilgrimage to experience a side of the bike world that often goes unseen. This is his experience.

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