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Sunday, October 7, 2012

10/10 Holiday Social Ride: Everyone Is Welcome

This October 10th, a bunch of local riders will be getting together for a casual ride through the Sun Moon Lake area. This is by no means a competitive affair. We are just hoping to keep the mood light with a rolling party through some really nice places.

This event is open to everyone and it should be suitable for most regular riders of varying degrees of fitness.

If you are interested in getting out for this bicycle mixer, Michael Turton at The View From Taiwan has the details:

Oct 10 ride: celebrate the day off with a long social ride through the mountains of central Taiwan. Description:  

Meet at No. 563號, Zhōngzhèng Road, Wufeng District Taichung City, Taiwan 413. The plan is to rendezvous at the Wufong 7-11 on hwy 3 at 7:15 am. We'll ride south to the 14, turn east at Caotun and take it to 147 and head south to the 131. We'll ride around the east side of SML and descend down to hwy 16 via nantou 63. Return then to Taichung via the 3 or the 139 (entirely optional) depending on how brave we feel. This will be a social ride. No one gets dropped. The distance from Taichung is approx. 160 km through Taiwan's beautiful central hills.
I hope to see you there 

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  1. Hey
    I really like the layout of this blog (the header looks really cool)
    I'm a long-time expat myself
    i live in the Peitun Area (Taichung) with my son and my wife (a local beauty:)
    Your bike trip sounds like a really cool idea and I wish I could hook up with you guys sometime
    would be great if you could hit me up on Facebook at AndrewReiser or Twitter