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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double DIgit Growth in Taiwanese Cycling

Despite the recent drop in interest, Taiwan expects double digit growth in cycling.
It is only a matter of time before the current administration will find a way to erode Taiwanese dominance in high-end cycles. Just a hunch.


  1. I really hope the companies manage to keep their eyes on good branding and marketing. I'm impressed by what a name they've made for themselves. I wouldn't mind Chinese companies doing the same, but for Taiwan's companies to regress would be tragic.

    PS. Great to see your listed rides up there on the blog. Unfortunately I can't make the one tomorrow. Is the 4/26 ride gonna be a fast one? Wondering if I could tackle that with my daughter in her bike seat.

  2. I will keep posting future rides.
    4/25 will be a pretty demanding day. A slugfest on the bike. Probably not the ideal situation with a kid in the back. 260km in one day. I hope to keep around 20mph (realistically probably average a bit lower on the day) With a few stops for water and fuel... maybe under 10 hours. That's lots of time for a kid to be out in the weather and potty breaks. I hope we can ride soon though. Keep me updated.

  3. Yeah, I'd only hope for low 20s average for the day with her on the back, too long to go a straight 10 hours or more.