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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Night Stats

I just got back from my night loop. Not a personal best, but I'll take it. Traffic was a little heavy tonight, but I love the feeling of fighting through the scooters. My bike, as a cyclocross race bike, excels in these situations. It is almost like criterium racing. I think I was a little tired for the intervals at the end. This is also the third time I have opted to just hold my gearing to the 50 tooth chainring and limit my cogs between 12 and 26.

Time for some chocolate milk!


  1. Your night loop climbs 600ft in 5mi, that’s a 2.5% grade and you did it in 50/26 gear at 13mph, that’s amazing. You should find a sponsor and join a pro team. Ride like this deserves a gallon of chocolate milk!

    Btw, are you not supposed to cross chain to avoid stress and grinding on the chain? You get the same gear ratio with 39/20 or 34/17 as you would with 50/26, but much easy on the chain, right?

  2. Ha! The idea is to stay off the little ring period.. hopefully to avoid the 26. I tried to stay as low as possible without mashing. Cross chaining is not so bad on the large ring, but from the inside ring it is more troublesome.

  3. The only sponsor I know of who'd throw good money at 35yo. legs is Radio Shack.