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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Central Cross In The Bag: What I Bring

I have my bike broken down and I am just about finished packing for my trip out to Hualien. I normally do my long distance riding over the course of a day and don't need racks or panniers, so I bought a light Mammut pack for any long distance travel in Taiwan. I chose the pack because it was light and seemed to be more aerodynamic than the others. It can break down quite small to fit different types of rides. For rides over 120 miles I might take it to haul food, liquids and supplies I might need for a longer haul.

For this trip I am probably over packing again, but a this time of year (or most times of year for that matter), you never know what to expect up in the mountains. A clear day might turn into low clouds, mist and rain on the top. There are few supply stops between Tian Xiang and Wuling... If I remember correctly, there is a general store before the wall of switchbacks, there is a shack on the side of the road that is often closed, there is the gas station near the hostel and a market, and a rest stop on the climb up the Highway 14. That's about it until all that Disneyland-Starbucks crap by Qing Jing Farm. It is best to be prepared for a few different scenarios. My biggest fear is that it will rain on the descent. People take those turns up there way too fast and always sweep into the oncoming lane. It could also be a bit chilly if it rains. Last time we went from sizzling hot to freezing cold in the course of a lazy morning cloud.

So here's what's in my little yellow pack:


Pair of Socks x 2

Bibs x 1

Jersey x 2

Base Layer x1

Windbreaker x 1

Sunglasses x1 (day and night lenses)

Pair Cycling Gloves x 1

Helmet x 1

Shorts x 1

T-Shirt x 1

Arm warmers x 2

Leg warmers x2


Mini-pump x 1

Extra tubes x 2

Patchkit x 1


Lights x 2

Flashlight x 1

Tire Levers x 3

CO2 kit x 1

First Aid:


Sunscreen x 1

Contact lens kit x 1

Aspirin x 6

Tums x 6

Benadryl Tabs x 6 Sheet x 1

Asthma Inhaler x 1

Bandage kit x 1

Chamois Cream x 1


Granola Bars x 6

Gel x 1

Apples x 3

Bananas x 3

Powerbar x 3

Water x 2


Cell Phone x 1

Money x Extra

Health Card x 1

Camera x 1

ipod x 1

Waterproof Cover x 1

Waterproof bag x 1

Bike Bag x 1


  1. Thanks for the post! This was just what I was looking for.

    I am starting to form a plan to bike from Taipei to Kenting, and I was hoping to not have to purchase racks or panniers. It looks like you were able to fit all the items that you needed into your backpack. Do you think this would be doable for a trip down the East Coast around May?

  2. Totally! As long as you can wear the same clothes a couple days in a row... easy.

  3. Hello, I am wondering what sort of bike bag you use please? I am looking to do the same ride, and wondering if I can get away with trash bags!

  4. Jonathan,

    I use the Bike Carrier from:

    The nice thing about this is that it covers the whole bike and folds up into a pouch that can easily fasten to the frame with velcro straps. The package uses velcro straps to tie the wheels to the frame and make a single package.

    You could use garbage bags. The rule is that the bike is allowed as long as it is covered.