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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

News Cycles and Links: Free Bikes!!!

*According to Cycling News Asia, Rikulau, the Taiwanese custom frame manufacturer is giving away FREE bikes. Yes, FREE!!! Rikulau specializes in high quality titanium and steel tubed frames and has a reputation for some very nice bikes. The new promotion offers a Buy One Get One Free for Father's Day. Between June 20th and July 20th, you can buy a 6AL-4V Titanium frame for 12% off and get a Reynolds 853 Mtb for FREE. If you don't mind graphics that look like the 80's Thundercats logo, this is a great deal.

*The KMT English language cheerleader, The China Post, speculates on what the ECFA cargo cult will mean for Taiwan bicycles.

*Cycling Satin Cesena discusses the important issue of bikes for women.

*Sesquipedaustralian writes the Epilogue of their travels around Taiwan last Lunar New Year.

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