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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cycling Through Songs

After a rain squall in Changhua killed my iPod Shuffle in less than a minute, I bought a new one, and I don't like it as much. Earbuds already suck, but there are the best so far. My biggest problem, and I am not joking, is the fact that my otherwise normal looking ears were actually reconstructed by a Dr. Moriano in Seattle after years of wrestling resulted in pretty severe couliflower ear. The "Hey, feel my ear" game is a great conversation starter at cocktail parties of picking up chicks in bars, but earbuds just pop out.

Anyways, I have it all loaded up and shuffled, just waiting to surprise me with that perfect song to revive a dying cadence. So... what's in the ipod?

My List Of My Last 25 Songs From My Evening Ride (I'm surprised as well):

1. Animal--Miike Snow
2. You Say You Don't Mean It-- Young Fresh Fellows
3. Teardrops--The Proclaimers
4. Tarzan Boy--Baltimora
5. I Don't Want To Get Over You--The Magnetic Fields
6. Thunder Struck-- AC/DC
7. Chain Gang-- The Pretenders
8. Ramble On-- Led Zepplin
9. Bad To The Bone-- George Thorogood
10. Look Back In Anger-- David Bowie
11. 96 Tears-- The Stranglers
12. The Harder They Come-- Jimmy Cliff
13. Right Here Right Now-- Jesus Jones
14. Ruby-- Kaiser Chiefs
15. Radio GaGa-- Queen
16. Peaches-- The Stranglers
18. Cruel-- PIL
19. Saturday Night-- Bay City Rollers
20. Pure-- The Lightning Seeds
21. Because The Night-- Patti Smith
22. Seventeen-- Winger
23. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes-- Home
24. Museum of Sex-- Robyn Hitchcock
25. Sex Pistols-- New York

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