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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Watch The Tour

So at stage 4 Cancellara has motored his way to the top of the GC, The Mighty Thor is wearing green, Lance in over a minute behind after a flat and he may never recover. Frank Schleck is out with a busted collarbone. Cavendish hasn't really shown up yet, and despite Vinokourov forsaking Contador in Stage 2, he has now been brought to heel... until the next time he feels the need to get the monkey off his back.

The best part is that you can see it all with a decent internet feed: here

Scratch that comment about Cav. He just arrived with a sprint finish victory.

Mr. Cavendish, welcome to the Tour de France!


  1. excellent live coverage every night on MOD beginning at 2200.....It only begins at 2200 if there is no late inning baseball game. by clicking the button located on the lower right of your MOD remote, you can listen to the commentary in English with Phil and Paul. Channel 70 and 270 in HD. Hope this helps.
    Michael in Hualien

  2. I am watching right now at 7:25pm LIVE on: