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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memorial: R.I.P. Jiang Wei-jing [江瑋菁]

Taichung's cycling community lost a young, talented rider last week. Ms. Jiang Wei-jing died from injuries sustained during a contact crash in the Federation Stage 6- YunLin Road Race on June 20 .

I did not know Ms. Jiang personally and so I am a little cautious about writing this, but as a fellow cyclist and Taichung resident I can't help but feel saddened that another good, passionate rider and person is now gone and my heart goes out to those who did know her. These things always ripple through our ranks.

As members of a greater community of cyclists I hope we can lookout for ourselves and for others when we are out on the roads.

As human beings we are inherently fragile in this world and with a little determination and a bicycle, we are capable of doing some incredible things. We can propel ourselves to some amazing speeds and climb to some of the highest points, but we are still weak in the greater scheme of things.

Please ride safely and wear your helmet at all times. Please!

A Facebook Memorial Page has been established for Ms. Jiang here


  1. The crash that caused her death was the Federation Stage 6- YunLin Road Race on June 20 rather than the circuit race the day before. Nevertheless, no words could describe how we all feel about this heartbeaking news as passionate cyclists...

  2. I read about this crash first in Virginia's site. It was such an unfortunate accident. My heart goes out to her family.