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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marketing Missteps: Time To Hire Professionals

I recently stumbled across this little gem of a bike. Steel, disc brakes... I like.
Unfortunately, this is a marketing FAIL.

Exhibit A:
LiveStrong coloring is a bit cliche for a bicycle that is trying too hard (No Todd... the Yellow Fever doesn't count).

Exhibit B:
If you are marketing a bike from Germany, a country with a recent history of ethnopolitics that resulted in the atrocities of genocide, I would probably avoid calling my product the Pure Blood. Sadly, there is still a strong association between Germany and ideas of racial purity.

Exhibit C:
The marketing department took a few too many liberties with the term "aircraft steel" for 4130. As most people know, 4130 is an alloy of Chromium and Molybdenum a.k.a. Chrome Moly. The term "aircraft" is more frequently used by marketing departments to sell aluminum as the word "aircraft" implies lightness. Consumers are aware of the wide use of aluminum in aircraft, but less so of steel. Yes, 4130 has been used as aircraft tubing, but the connection between steel and flight if far from the consumer's imagination.

  • Superlight custom drawn 4130 aircraft steel - double butted & heat treated
  • combined Fillet brazing and TIG welding, wishbone rear end
  • segmented DiscO straight disc fork
  • FIXIE Inc. Weenie CNC dropouts saves weight
  • Direct Postmount Standard: no adapters needed
  • forward moved bottlecage position offers room for shouldering
  • tapered seattube offers superior comfort


  1. Of course mine doesn't count... I have yellow handlebar tape!

  2. Yours doesn't count because your bike is Yellow Fever and not Livestrong yellow.