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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taiwanese Cycling Engineer Is In The Money and Other Links

In the run up to Tapei Cycle, a Taiwanese college student, Liu Yi-chun, has just signed a licensing deal worth NT 2 million dollars for her patented LED lighting system, which is completely powered by electricity generated through pedaling.

Whereas bicycle lights are usually installed separately and require regular battery changes, her invention has LED lights installed on the pedals that are powered by a pedal-propelled mini generator and equipped with a rechargeable battery, Liu explained.

Forget about blowing the payday on booze, drugs and a party that would make Charlie Sheen blush, Liu plans to spend her earnings on travel and education.


GIANT looms over China.

Here is a blurb from Taiwan Trade:

Taiwan’s GIANT has been actively positioning in China’s bicycle market. Besides constructing its ninth factory in the world, sixth in China, in Kunshan in 2010, GIANT has also been enthusiastically creating a new cycling culture in China. The company has been promoting long-distance cycling activities as well as building a cycling tour system around Lake Yangcheng area by investing US$1 million each in setting up a GIANT travel agency in Jiangsu and a GIANT cycling service company in Kunshan.

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  1. I'm curious to know more about the pedal design. There is a British company that designed the Pedalite. It uses a capacitor rather than a battery.

    More lights on bikes is probably more important for safety than helmet use. Going out at night and (not or barely) seeing people cycling without lights is scary.